Reconnect with our nature

I´m Liliana Castillo, I grew up in Venezuela, a tropical country where green is the predominant color as well as the contrasts of degraded colors found in nature. Since I was a little girl, the world of art has been and still is my great passion; it is part of my life. This is why I studied and got my degree in graphic arts.

This year of 2020 is full of new paths, new systems, and different seasons making their entrance and following the course of nature, without stopping. Yet the whole world did stop by a phenomenon called coronavirus, which made us think we lived in a bubble, where we were untouchable. The way to advance is to decide to wake up and burst this bubble, or to continue sleeping inside it, inside the comfort of our own structures. 

For me it has been a journey, a beautiful experience with sculpture. I have discovered in sculpting a way of artistic expression that allows me to listen to the materials and natural elements with which I work. I share their stories and secrets with those who are willing to be part of them, through the forms that arise in each of the pieces. 

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