JUSTMAD Contemporary Art Fair

At the contemporary art fair Just Mad in Madrid, Liliana Castillo Castillo, will present her sculptures

When you visit a fair, it is inevitable to feel all the energy arising from each of those pieces, which want to represent an event and express why art appears in our lives in different ways.

Esculturas en resinas

There are some of us who can interpret these events, sensations, capturing them either through painting, sculpture or any other media and art technique, in order to represent what needs to be heard in some way, and to transmit it to society through art.

Jusd Mad

We are living a period of changes and uncertainty. A pandemic that shook our lives, for better or for worse. And there are things that must be reinforced, that must flourish from the ashes, like research, art, design, technology. And there are also many others which work as tools to reinforce our culture.

JUSTMAD is one of the contemporary art fairs which offers us a wide range of possibilities to make artists known both national and internationally. It is a breath of hope to reinforce contemporary art, and an encouraging sigh amid this uncertainty where we currently live.As Master Gandhi said, your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions.

Esculturas Lilita Design

As an emerging artist that I am, I want to follow this philosophy of life, believing that with hard work, letting myself be carried away by what I feel when creating a piece, I can transmit what wants to be heard from each piece. I live with intensity and a lot of passion to what I currently dedicate myself to: creating sculptures, from the respect for nature, which need to be heard, reflecting and materializing their energies into amazing sculptures.


I will be exhibiting all my sculptures at stand V23. Lilita Space Art


JUSTMAD Contemporary Art Fair

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